Power Read Option

How to Install the Power Read Option

We are hosting a FREE Web Clinic on how to install the Power Read Option and score more points with smaller undersized athletes. To register for this web clinic click this link: http://icoach.football/power-read The Power Read Option in some form is ran by most College Football teams that run a read option offense. Having a […]

Youth Spread Offense

First Year Youth Football Coach

So you’re the one who is taking over the youth football team this year and like any other first time youth football coach you have no idea where to start.    The toughest part about coaching is that it’s really tough to know how to handle or do certain things unless you have a mentor […]

How to Plan a Youth Football Practice

Planning A Youth Football Practice

One of the biggest pain points as a football coach is trying to get everything you want to get done finished in your 2 hour practice.    Here are 3 things that can help you please your kids parents by getting done on time and make sure you cover all the things you wanted to […]

Youth Football Speed and Agility Training

Youth Football Speed and Agility Training

If you run a Youth Football Program this article is for you!   Every time I go to a youth football practice with multiple teams in one place I am guaranteed to see old football drills that teach nothing and aren’t safe. For example, two kids laying on the ground helmet to helmet on their […]


Do I Really Need To Block Him?

The advantages of the Up Tempo Spread Read Option No Huddle Offense! The best aspect of this offense has nothing to do with who’s carrying the ball. It’s that you can take the other teams best player and eliminate him completely.  How so? Simple, you don’t block him and let his rules keep him away […]

football drills for kids part 3

The Best Football Drills for Kids Who Are Offensive Linemen: Part III

Finally the third and final piece to the puzzle of our Best Football Drills for Kids who Play on the Offensive Line! Getting out of your stance. This is how we teach a young player how to get out of his stance and into pass protection.    To sum it up, our whole lives we […]


Football Skills: What is The Best Speed Training Equipment

Speed training in football has changed a lot over the past 10 years. The speed training equipment has followed suit. Football is a very unique game. It is played in very awkward positions and in a violent manner. The game (at all levels) has transformed into more of a “track meet.” Are you working on […]


The Best Football Drills For Kids: O-Line Part II

It all starts with the STANCE! This sounds like an easy thing to teach but in reality we all know it usually doesn’t go well at first. There are kids who are naturally flexible and athletic enough to just get it right the first time. However this isn’t the case for most. Just like the […]

Youth Offensive Line Drills

The Best Football Drills for Kids Who are Offensive Linemen

What are the absolute best Football Drills for kids who play on the offensive line? Really the question should be what is THE BEST (singular) drill for youth football players who play on the offensive line? THE DUCK WALK! This drill can be performed in many different ways. It teaches them to play with a […]

Be Recruited

Be Recruited – Importance of Being a Multi Sport Athlete

We surveyed 17 NCAA Division 1 College Football and Basketball Coaches. Here are the results and why we did this pole… 1. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO BE RECRUITED THAT STUDENT ATHLETES PLAY MORE THAN ONE SPORT?   All 17 coaches said that in order to be recruited Multi-Sport athletes have a distinct advantage because they […]